Sergio D’Angelo

Sergio d’Angelo lived in the Ussr, working as an editor and reporter for Radio Moscow, through almost the entire crucial period 1956-1957 that marked both the climax and the end of the political cycle known as the “thaw”.

Early in this experience, on May 20, 1956, he was able to meet Boris Pasternak and inspire a trust that soon turned into deep friendship. And in that occasion d’Angelo received from the author the unpublished manuscript of the immortal novel “Doctor Zhivago” The understanding was that d’Angelo would shortly pass it on to Milanese publisher Feltrinelli – what d’Angelo ended up doing during a personal trip to Berlin for other reasons.

In this story, followed by dramatic developments of international intrigue, d’Angelo gives a personal testimony – completed with many citations from Soviet archives made available around the turn of the millennium – in a book published in Italy (“The Case Pasternak”, Bietti, Milan 2006) and a little later in Russia (”Delo Pasternaka”, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, Moscow 2007).

The text of book in Italian , Russian ands English appears at the beginning of this site. It is followed, as a supplement in the same languages, by the two most  recent publications on the subject. “D’Angelo’s reply to comments by Evgeny Pasternak” (with postscript 1 and 2) and  “D’Angelo’interview on Inge Shoental” (Edward Lozansky interviewer).